Your dreams are valid; pursue them!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

Eleanor Roosevelt

I remember teaching some teenagers in a Sunday School class about achieving their dreams and I remember telling them that dreams, plans and aspirations are the very pieces of fabric that the future is made of and I encouraged them, just like I am doing to you right now, to dream!

I never had the conventional dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer like most children. In fact, the first time I seriously gave a thought to my dreams for the future was after the results of Junior Secondary School were released and I had to make a choice of being in Science, Arts or Commercial class. For the fear of Mathematics (Yes! I did not like Maths that much), I joined the Arts Class though we were subtly looked down upon as being the least intelligent of the pack. In fact, some students who would have really excelled in Arts Class became science students for the fear of being tagged “Olodo” (dullard)

At Monument de la Renaissance Africaine (P.S- It has nothing to do with the post, I just like the picture…)

However, unlike most  Arts students who wanted to become lawyers, I had the dream of studying International Relations, subsequently working with the United Nations and then, becoming the Nigerian Ambassador to France or a similar diplomatic position. I know it sounds like a pipe dream, I always thought so too but I then I also believed they could become more than pipe dreams. Hence, I prayerfully pursued it and I am still pursuing it.

I studied International Studies and Diplomacy for my first degree, I am concluding a Master’s program in the same field and the main reason why I got inspired to make this post is that I just spent the last few months of my life living a dream. Remember how I said I dream of working with the United Nations? Well, I just concluded an internship at the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) and it was every bit of fulfilling. I know I am not there yet and so I won’t quit dreaming, praying and believing and neither should you!

During an interview with a cyclist who rode from Maurice, Spain to Dakar, Senegal to raise awareness about the plight of refugees


Dear friend, your dreams may not be conventional, they may defy the norm but never forget for once that they are valid. Ensure that you don’t allow anyone discredit your dreams; not even you. Like the opening quote says, the future belongs to you only if you believe in the beauty of your dreams. Your dreams are valid, so, believe in them and prayerfully pursue them!

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