You are Your Own Responsibility

I totally agree that it has been a while. No excuse is valid enough for staying away from this space. Thanks for visiting La Verité again. I sincerely appreciate it.

As Fide sat hopelessly on the recliner at the verandah of the “face to face” house where he rented a room, his credentials were neatly  folded into a brown envelope that was already beginning to wear out due to constant handling. He was almost sure he had trekked the length and breadth of Ikeja in search of a job.

He was bitter and angry. As he watched his neighbors return from work that evening, he shook his head pitying his sorry state. “I blame my  father.” He murmured under his breath. He was now close to tears. He saw how fathers of his friends provided them valuable possessions, priced estates and valuable connections that they could rely on. “I wish the man even never lived. After all, what was the essence of his life. Useless man” Fide said in almost one breath and followed it with a very long hiss.

It’s not out of the ordinary to always want your parents to dot on you and show you all the care and attention you will ever need because parents have a natural responsibility towards you to ensure you become a child they can be proud to call their own.

But you must understand that though it’s your parents’ duty to care for you, they do not owe you a life. If mummy or daddy however decides to give the life you desire to you, then you are fortunate. Don’t blame them if they also fail to because your life is not theirs but yours.

Like my friend Ehiabhilyson Jude rightly says “Anything that is working was worked on”. So, work on your life, you’ve only got one!
Your life is your responsibility; take it up and make it worth the while!

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  1. Thanks Pelumi for the reminder… Indeed we are responsible for whatever we turn out to be in life. "cogito ergo sum" "I think therefore I am… " simply put, 'the sum total of my life is a product of my thought(RESPONSIBILITY)'

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