I recall episodes of fights and quarrels in primary school days that usually degenerated into fierce exchange of words. When I think of the gravity of the words we used against each other back then, I can’t help but feel sorry.
“Bombastic element” was my favorite word maybe because of the bomb like effect it had on the ears of my opponent. The first time I used the word “bastard” on someone in one of our tongue wars, I was in Primary Four and I did not even know the meaning of the word but I remember that when I said it, my opponent became unusually agitated. Of course, I emerged the victor of the tongue duel but when I finally understood the word, I felt sorry.

It is true that some parents do not expect or plan the arrival of their children. Some might have conceived in their teenage years as a result of youthful exuberance or peer pressure while some others might have become sudden mothers as a result of rape incidents. These unexpected pregnancies have overtime been tagged “unwanted” pregnancies and the resulting children have been socially tagged “bastards” or “born-by-mistake.”

Some persons might have called you such names to your face because of the circumstances surrounding your birth.
You might have been born out of wedlock but that does not make you a mistake. Though your parents might not have wanted you to come at the time you did, God carefully planned your conception and birth. Therefore, you are a not a mistake but his perfect design. As Rick Warren wrote, there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents.

Culled from the book:
Just Before the Sun Sets by Pelumi Obisesan

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