Till Death Do Us Part

“I surrender myself to you; I vow to love and cherish you with all my possession. I will love in all circumstances; in ill health and good health, in poverty and in plenty till death do us part”

So, I attended this beautiful wedding ceremony on Saturday( the fourth wedding ceremony I have attended all my life) and the above is an excerpt from the wedding vows. I looked at the lady sitting beside me and I said ” these vows are strong o”. She smiled mindlessly; I guess she did not understand my point.

These days, you see recent couples on the verge of divorce for the most flimsy reasons which range from irreconcilable differences to unfaithfulness.And most of them; if not all took these very same vows to remain committed till death. It is obvious from recurrent happenings, that most persons just take the vows without an understanding.

I understand that there are valid reasons for seeking a separation especially; (for me, a physically or verbally abusive marriage will be one of them) but the clause “till death do us part” actually establishes the fact that the only valid reason for any separation whatsoever is death not even immorality; nothing…only death
So, when I see couples brides walk down the aisle with their fathers to meet their expectant groom, I just pray silently in my heart for them that their marriage will suceed and not join the train of dysfunctional marriages.

We should enter marriage with the determination to make it work not with an expectation to leave with the slightest crack. The only things you see in marriage are those things you bring into it because actually no miracle happens at the altar my dear. So, if you want to see trust, commitment and understanding, you have to bring it into the marriage yourself.

So, as the bride and groom danced so happily after their joining, I prayed that they will not be in a Court Room seeking to break the vows they had so sacredly taken in Church. I prayed that their lingering looks will not degenerate to hateful stares…I hoped that their love would last forever. I prayed that their vows to each other will be kept sacred.

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