The people of Ilogbo now hated me,it was an undisputable fact because I had caused their soon
to be king to serve an undeserved term in the evil forest.I definitely could not wait in their midst for
Olu’s return. So,the next morning before cock crow,I left Ilogbo with my siblings;they were all I could call my own and we headed towards Alausa,the neighbouring village. A shade in Alausa market served as our bed room the night of our arrival at the village.That night,I dreamt of the Aremo’s return.He came back as the King of Ilogbo.I was dressed up as a bride in white.People did not understand why the King will choose to marry Ewa who was not even a virgin as dictated by tradition.But to Olu,my reputation and past did not matter as he took my hands and
named me his bride.In his rather familiar voice,he held my hand and loudly said “Ilogbo! Behold your Queen” and as though there was an inaudible commander,they all bowed simultaneously to pay their homage.I was
however,snapped out of my dream land by a coarse voice,”who are you and why are you sleeping in my shade?”. I hurriedly woke up and saw a very tall young man with a roasted antelope dangling hopelessly from his shoulders.”I
am very sorry…” I quickly said and explained that we were orphans from Ilogbo and we needed a
place to stay. “I am Odeyemi” he said with a very intimidating
voice.”My name is Ewa and these are my siblings, Seun and Bola” I said reciprocating his introduction.With an expressionless face,he said “If you are willing to help my mother with her chores at home and on the farm,you can earnyourself a place to stay.” I was elated,”Oh! That would be no problem at all.I will really appreciate
it. Thank you”I said as he led us to his mother’scompound.
****   ***** ******* ******    ******   ******    ******* ****** ********
I ran as fast as my legs and my strength could allow and soon enough,I was at Iyalaje’s compound as Odeyemi’s mother was popularly known. Why did fate single me out? I asked myself as the words Odeyemi spoke that morning continually replayed in my head. “I have seen several maidens in Alausa but none of them compare to you.You are most certainly a gift to me from God.”I could feel the uneasiness in his voice as he said “Ewa,I love you and I would love to make you my wife. Please understand that I truly love you and I am not trying to take advantage of your situation.”He then knelt and asked “Ewa,will you marry me?” Those words that should be the joy of any marriageable maiden felt like piercing swords as four years had passed yet there was no news of my Olu. I was utterly confused. Seun,who overheard all that Odeyemi said at the store walked in “Aunty mi,please stop
crying…I think this should be a thing of joy” he said trying to wipe my tears with his hands. You have tried your best to wait for Olu,it’s well over four years now. He is probably dead in the forest.Please marry Odeyemi,it would secure our future in Alausa”He further said.”Seun,I disagree” Bola said as she stumbled upon the discussion.”I
think you should wait some more for Olu.He will come for you.Please,you have waited this long” Bola advised in her usual calm tone…So I decided to wait.
*******       *******             *******         ************            ***********         ************
As I walked to the shade that morning to meet Odeyemi,my left foot hit a stone which was a
huge misgiving for me but there was no stopping me.I had waited two more years. I will just do this once and for all. Odeyemi was in his shade reloading his dane gun for the day’s hunt when I walked in and like a programmed doll, I said with all the enthusiasm I could muster,”Yes! I will marry you!!!” His face was flushed as he whirledme around like a toddler and carried me through the market place telling everyone we were getting married to the applause of the crowd and to the envy of other  maidens. In two months,I got married to Odewale with great pomp but my Odewale’s countenance changed towards me when he discovered I was not a virgin on the wedding night.He became cold and withdrawn.He seldom touched me or my food.I felt like a nuisance in a home that was supposed to be mine.One of those lonely evenings,Bola ran into the house panting heavily and pointing in the direction of the gate
screaming “Aunty mi…Ilogbo!Ilogbo is here”I did not quite understand so I had to go and see for myself. As I got outside,I was shocked to my marrows,I saw the people of Ilogbo all looking merry and happy…I did not fully understand until Olu stepped out of the crowd.He back as the King of Ilogbo,just like in my dream…he had ascended
the throne of his fathers and stretching his hands towards me,he said with gladness written all over
his face,”I have come for my bride.” But I was no longer worthy to take his arms…With shame and tears flooding my face,I said “Olu, I got married five months ago.” He was bitter;agony is too mild to describe the emotion that was inscribed on his face.With rivers of tears streaming down his royal face,He said “It is only a pity you did not understand my love for you. I thought you would wait for my return…Ewa,I valiantly fought for survival in the forest not because I loved my life so much but so that I could return to you as promised.I love you Ewa.” He turned his back to leave dejected. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. The wedding I had dreamt of was now to remain in my dream land never to beame a reality…I lost the rare privilege of reigning with Olu as his queen.In spite of his
sacrifice,Olu went back to his kingdom without his bride…without me.
Christ did for the Church,what Olu did for Ewa and even much more.When the Son of Man returns,will His bride still be waiting?Will you still be waiting or will He go back without you?The Church is Jesus’ bride.Let’s not get tired of waiting.Let us wait on Him and live in the abundance of His sufficient grace till we see His face!!!

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