The Volunteering Spirit

Life is beautiful but only the selfless few discover its beauty. Everyone wants something from life but very few have anything to give in return. We all get so wrapped up in the pursuit to get our own desires met, that we lose sight of the opportunity to help others get theirs met.

I was asked very recently why I do volunteer work and my answer was simple, I want to help others meet their own desires because I want to be remembered as someone who attained success and helped others attain even greater heights of success. Stop the wild goose chase for a moment. Stop being part of the need, be a part of the solution.

Volunteers are seldom paid not because they are worthless but becsuse they are priceless. The satisfaction you will get from helping others far outweighs the fulfillment monetary exchange will offer. Now, I am not calling you to become a ‘clueless’ Mother Theresa. I am calling you add value to life in every way possible at the least possible cost. That’s the Volunteering Spirit, develop it today.

Have a productive day ahead!

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