The Thorny Rose

“You are also a lie?!” Ada screamed in desperation at the receiver on the other end of the phone. Tears trickling uncontrollably down her face, she disconnected the call. Amidst sobs, she bent over to straighten her gown which had now folded above her knees. She almost forgot she was on the Third Mainland Bridge. She slipped back into her car when she noticed she had attracted an audience who obviously enjoyed the show without paying gate fees.

This was her third heartbreak in three years.But not Tade of all persons.She remembered their rather odd first meeting in an eatery’s toilet.Tade mistakenly rushed into the Ladies’ and instead of getting the relief a water closet could offer to the pressure that had mounted below his waist, what welcomed him were Ada’s questioning eyes.The blare of a car’s horn jolted her back to reality.She strapped on her seat belt,wiped her tears and started the car.As she drove, the journey to Ebutte Meta seemed to take ages and the traffic was not even helping matters. The one word question in her heart was “Why?”

Why would he call off a much celebrated engagement just one month after he proposed? Ada smiled bitterly as she remembered the calls she made earlier in the day inquiring about the best wedding planners in town. Fate had dealt her another blow.Tade who claimed to love her as his own soul has also walked out of her life. Thoughts continued to tumble over in her mind like stunts men on a dance stage that she did not even realize that she had gotten home…yes home. Ada had the feminine touch it takes to transform a house to a home yet she seemed not to always get it right when it came to relationships.


As she parked her car in the garage,she remained there – she did not want to step out into the grim reality that her engagement had been broken off just yet. So, she remained seated there like a baby waiting for her mother’s outstretched arm.Remembering Tade’s call on her way home almost made her crazy.The soft but cruel tone of his voice was what devastated her the most. Times without number, she banged on her car horn in tears and frustration. She wanted to confront him; she really wanted to pick up her phone for some real confrontation but the only thing she could do was cry.

The tempo of her weeping accelerated as she saw her engagement ring wrapped round her finger.Tade better have an explanation for this- In fact, what explanation would compensate her for three lost years of affection, sacrifice and anticipation. All she could mutter to herself repeatedly amidst tears was “why would Tade do this?” He was different from the other guys. He was first of all,her friend and until some two hours ago,her fiance…Tade Adetokunbo.

She desperately hoped for a miracle. She hoped that Tade will her back to take back all he had said. Little did she know more tragedy was just around the corner.


Amidst all her thoughts,she slept off in her car right there in the garage. She suddenly woke up with a start as she heard something fall to the ground with a heavy thud. She put on the light switch on the roof of her car to check her wrist watch. It was 2am. She did not imagine that she had slept for close to six hours behind the wheels.

Ada was tired not just bodily; she was tired of being jilted. She sleepily left the car and was about going right into the house when she saw the figure of someone crouching and leaning against the pillar at the entrance of her house. She was about to scream when she realized that it was Tade. With arms akimbo, she asked angrily “Tade! What are you doing here?” She shook vigorously as though she was ready to beat him blue black. “Tade, I said, what are you doing here?” she asked again, more angrily. Not getting any answer, she bent to touch him but found out he was lifeless. “Tade?” she called severally but Tade was dead. Beside Him,she found a note addressed to My Thorny Rose. Ada picked up the letter with shaky hands and teary eyes. The letter read thus:

“I know you are mad at me for breaking off the engagement. I am more than sorry it had to end like this. I also did not bargain for this. Ada, the truth is I am dying. When you are reading this,I probably would have died. I am sorry that I never told you about it. The truth is I wasn’t ready to lose you to guilt Ada. I am sure you vividly remember your heart disease and how searched for fruitlessly for a donor for a long time.The heart you carry now is mine. I asked the doctors to exchange our hearts.I was the donor. I was assured that another donor would be available in no distant time but unfortunately, this is where we are.  I could have chosen to look away but as I have always told you, I LOVE YOU.I broke off the engagement because you deserve more than being engaged to a corpse.I LOVE YOU ADA!I GAVE MY LIFE THAT YOU MAY LIVE. PLEASE DON’T EVER FORGET ME! Use this new lease of life well.It will make me happy. Love you my Thorny Rose.

In tears, Ada fell helplessly to the ground. She pillowed Tade’s lifeless head on her laps and cried even more than she had all day. “How can you love me so much?” she asked Tade but he was gone.

Greater love hath no man than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends. Tade did for Ada what Christ did for the Church and even much more yet we complain and grumble against Him.Don’t make his sacrifice a waste over your own life. JESUS LOVES YOU ALWAYS!

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