The Steward Called Husband

Woman, where is my food?” Ade bellowed from the sitting room as his wife of seven years, Nkechi tried to put dinner together. “Nkay, I work to provide for you and the kids yet prompt preparation of my food is a big task, ehn?” Ade asked obviously hungry and angry.
Before the end of his sentence, apologetic Nkechi was at the door telling him the table was set. Ade stood up, hissed, went to the dinning table and helped himself with dinner.
After Nkechi served her two children her Nkwobi delicacy, she joined them at the table. After two mouthfuls, Nkechi looked down at herself, seven years after her wedding, she had become a shadow of herself.

Many husbands have come to traditionally believe that they marry a wife so she can cook, nurse them and their children and provide emotionally for them. They fail to understand that they also have a part to fulfill in the bargain. Many prospective women of God,authors, high risers and business moguls never became all they could because they married men that could not be husbands to them.

From the wedding day, the husband is saddled with the responsibility of grooming his wife. Little wonder he is called The Bridegroom. Grooming, which means to care for, train, and educate is one role that is neglected by most husbands. A husband is not a god to be worshipped; he is a gardener, an instructor and most especially, a steward. If she has not become better since you tied the knot, then you are probably neglecting the husbandry of your wife. Your wife is not your maid; she is your field; cultivate her.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a husband is a manager, a steward. To husband something means to carefully use or manage something as a resource. The essence of husbandry is to guarantee productivity and increase attractiveness. However, it is a pity that many wives are worse off as married women. They have reduced in passion, vision and productivity. In fact, some ambitious single ladies prefer to keep their surnames rather than ‘sacrifice’ their dreams and ambitions on the altar of marriage (I do not support their stance in anyway). Only if husbands become true to their calling, then they will no longer have to face so much stress in their marriages. An unhappy or unfulfilled woman can in no wise make you happy.

A married woman cannot be truly successful if her spouse is a not a husband; tending, and nursing her vision and making it grow. I must however duff my hat for the men that have been husbands indeed to their wives. I celebrate you and I know your wife does too.

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