The Shaking Heel

Okay, Nkay was invited to this very important ceremony by her ‘friend’, Chidiebere and she wanted to make a very good  impression.

Nkechi is naturally not the brow-shaping, heels-wearing, and make-up lady but she wanted to look her best. So, she did not just trek out of her comfort zone, she travelled miles away from it as she got herself dolled up for this special outing. By dolling up, I mean she actually shaped her brows, and used all the usable makeup and to top it all, she was wearing 6-inches heeled shoes.

She was picked up by her friend as scheduled. She really felt like a diva as she graciously stepped into the car. Everything was going just fine for Nkay until they met a traffic hold up.

All guests at the program had to be seated by 10am and it was already 9:45. So, Chidi, advised they had better walked the rest of the journey.
So, Nkay had to use her heels but unfortunately, they were already busy. Her 6inches shoes actually were not going to cooperate with her.

Surprisingly, she jogged with the heels but when the jog was over, her knees and heels started their own jog. They were shaking involuntarily. Yes, her legs were shaking and the when she finally got to sit down,her feet felt numb- she could not feel them.

It was only a matter of being profitably directed when Nkay pulled out her flat shoes and wore them for the rest of the ceremony!

Moral of the Story
It’s not a crime to do yanga, but the one wey your power carry

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