The Doing Power

Every average human being has goals and aspirations be it starting a business, writing a book, further studies, saving towards buying a car, losing weight, joining a volunteer group etc. The truth, however, is very few of those goals are realized and the question I never is cease to ask myself is “why?”

A Popular maximum has it that “if wishes were horses, beggars will ride”. It means mere wishes don’t make rich. A dream, if not acted upon, will continually dwell on your pillow.

Ignorance ( the lack of knowledge) is not the problem of this generation, our problem is the failure to do what we know. The difference between the chap that tops his class and the other  at the last rung is the different ways they handled the knowledge they receive.

I wrote somewhere in 2010 that what makes you who you are and who you eventually turn out to be, are not your decisions but rather your decisions in action. If not acted upon, dreams can quickly metamorphose into regrets

To stop wishing and start doing, you need to:

1. Define Your Goals Prayerfully

Most times, we think we know what we want but in some cases, we really have no clue. So, it is important to define your goals prayerfully. Allow yourself to be led by the HolySpirit in the definition of our goals and ambitions.

2. Understand what you want to do

Without a clear and concise understanding of your plans, you will be full of activity yet you will lack productivity.

3. Write it down

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Habakkuk 2:2(KJV)

Just like the Bible admonishes, write down your visions, plans and goals. And after writing it, ensure you read it. There is an explicable propelling force that accompanies writing and reading  your own goals. I had this custom of writing down my courses and the grades I wanted to have in each of them. This goal which was written in my reading jotter, always made me read diligently. Even if sometimes, I did not make the exact grade I had written down, I was always really close. Writing down your dream makes  you believe it and the more you read it, the more it looks accomplishable and really it seems closer.

4. Work Towards it

Dreams don’t fulfill themselves. Don’t be the wishful beggar that may never ride on any horse but work towards your goals prayerfully and soon enough, you will see your goals getting accomplished by the day.

Do all these and thank me later!

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