3rd July 2018

My #TeachATeen Story on Financial Education: Why God Did Not Answer My Money Prayers

The first time I opened a bank account, I was 16 years old and in my first year in the University of Benin. After I received my account details from the Bank, I made at a stop at the University’s […]
4th May 2017

3 Smart Money Tips from Arese Ugwu’s The Smart Money Woman

It is almost axiomatic that no one wants to become broke and penniless; not even you! You, like every other person, want the good life but you could be inadvertently working very hard towards a life of poverty and financial […]
13th November 2015

Tithing on Trial: You be the Judge

Some weeks ago, I got into a very interesting discussion with Tide on the issue of tithe payment. In his opinion,  the Church places too much emphasis on tithing as an injunction. His opinion is however not unfounded;  the truth […]