19th July 2017

Is Youthfulness Nigeria’s Leadership Need?

There is a truth young Nigerians need to know, and it is that if many of us have the privilege of stepping into public office today, we will act the exact same way as many of those whom we criticize, […]
12th May 2017

Valuable Leadership Lessons from Invictus

The first time I saw the movie Invictus was during the second week of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa; a five weeks leadership training program and I was so inspired to become an extraordinary leader to say the […]
3rd October 2015


Everybody na thief, na whom them catch be ‘barawo'( Hausa word for thief). The connotation of the above, though a bit playful, it sums the Nigerian corruption situation accurately. The press and social media has been agog with news of […]