Sleeping Beauty

As a little girl, the story of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming used to be my favourite bed time story. I always fantasized about how my own knight in shining armor would come out of the blues, fighting through the thorns and all, arrive at my castle and kiss me out of my
slumber and we would live happily ever after. But my dreams of prince charming were soon replaced with the reality of life. I discovered that
Sleeping Beauty is a lie…an illusion that has sadly been used by the enemy to defraud women of
God’s intent and purpose for their lives.

For hundred years, Sleeping Beauty was asleep because of a spell cast by a witch and her whole world (the castle) slept with her until the arrival
of Prince Charming who kissed her to life and returned life to her world; you know the rest of the story… “and they lived happily ever after”.

The reason why many ladies will not be fulfilled in life is because like Sleeping Beauty, many ladies put their lives on hold until they find someone to hold; or someone to awaken them out of lethargy and suddenly inspire them to greatness. That is a very wrong conception of yourself and your singleness.

Your singlehood is an opportunity for you to express your love for God in service to Him. God has a purpose for your life which you should fulfill even as a single. Apostle Paul did not need to have a “Mrs. Paul” before he could fulfill God’s assignment. You are a beauty but you should definitely not be sleeping. God has wondrous plans for you that
will be achieved only if you snap out of that childhood fantasy of being in a comatose state until your prince charming fights his way through
the thorns and past the wicked witch to finally kiss you awake.

Let us take a little peep into the life of Ruth, Naomi’s daughter-in-law. Ruth was willing to work diligently at whatever her Lord called her to do. She did not allow herself to be paralyzed by her lack of husband. She went to the field to glean among the ears of grain. She did not allow herself to be deterred because she was a stranger from Moab; she was not afraid to walk into an unfamiliar situation. But many single ladies would rather watch life pass them by than venture into the unknown. While she was working on the fields, her Prince Charming recognized her not by the calmness and peace on a sleepy face on her castle bed but by the beads of perspiration that lined her forehead as she worked hard.

The activities in the castle were on hold for one hundred years; the entire castle slept with the princess but my dear, the world will not stop
rotating neither will the clocks stop ticking because you are waiting for your “life-giver”; rather the world will fly past you in your slumber.
“Redeem the times for the days are evil”. Now that you are unmarried, pursue your dreams. Stop
waiting for your life to begin after you tie the knot because your life began since the day you were
Give yourself wholly to the Lord, save souls for the Kingdom of God, pursue your academics. Get your Master’s Degree, pursue everything that God lays on your heart and in due time, your Prince Charming will arrive not to kiss you awake but rather that you may both walk together to God’s plan for your lives!!!

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