Please Don’t Blame Me!

Most times, I wonder what will happen to my many friends who have not believed in Jesus and his sacrifice for them when the Rapture happens or when their eyelids close in death. Some of the many questions that race through my heart are, “where will they spend eternity? Will they end up in hell? I might not have the perfect answers to those questions but my heart breaks when the reality of the choice between heaven or hell is brought up because if you miss one, you definitely cannot miss the other. Thus, the onus lies on each and every one of us to make this critical choice.

I am using this medium to tell you about Jesus and how he died to cleanse you from sin and iniquity. I am reminding you that the grace of God is available now to you and you cannot afford to make it vain over your life. Please know that his resurrection was to assure you of victory. I am telling you again that heaven is real and hell is a reality too. He gave his life so you might live

“For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16(KJV)
God wants to relate with you as a Saviour, a Lord, a Friend, a Father please allow Him to by believing and confessing Jesus Christ with your mouth. The Bible says,
“For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation” Romans 10:10(KJV)

If you are not really sure about what I am saying, just pray in your heart (the way you know how to pray) that God should reveal himself to you. Tell him in any way you can that you want to know the truth for yourself and not what you are taught by the mouth of others and I am sure he will show himself to you. Please don’t blame me for being so direct, I just want to do my own bit to ensure you are not left behind. I want you to know that I have experienced him and I am not just saying something I was taught to say but something I have known for myself.
All you need to do is to believe it in your heart and confess it with your mouth.

All our lives, no matter how long or short, is an audition for eternity. So, what would it be?

Heaven or Hell?
Eternal Life or Eternal Death?
The Gates of Gold or The Flames of Fire?
I however admonish you to choose Jesus, choose life!

Choose well my friends, please choose Jesus

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