No Deposits? No Withdrawals!

I was inside a bank, when a woman walked in and started ranting. She complained bitterly to the young lady at the customer care desk and later faced me, mumbling some words in Ibo language, as if reporting the bank to me. Okay, I know I pass for an Emeka with my head but I’m not Ibo. I would later discover that she was furious because she couldn’t withdraw a money that was supposedly paid into her account. She managed to calm down, checked her account balance and called to confirm the payment. To her bewilderment, the sender had not sent it!.

One thing is sure, you can’t withdraw, if you haven’t deposited. Banks are not father Christmas!

Aunty Ruth has always fancied a beautiful marriage embellished with love and happiness. This intense desire had emanated from her love for Indian movies- they make her emotional and long for the perfect man. She waited for the perfect man, she met the perfect man, they got married, but she got the shocker of her life. Her marriage became the exact opposite of what she had pictured. All the while, she had pitched her tent in fantasyland. If this marriage will work, she needs to relocate to realityland!

In ‘realityland’, you don’t go into a relationship to get love. You bring in love into a relationship to make it a love affair… If you need a minutes to digest that, I’ll be here waiting.

Relationships are like empty bank accounts- they are blank. Like a potter intentionally shapes a clay into a desired vessel, people will have  to consciously deposit love, respect, trust and all you so desire into their relationships to make a bollywood copy if they so wish. So,If you are happy in your relationship or you are being abused, it’s a function of what you had deposited.

One thing is clear, you can’t withdraw, if you haven’t deposited. Relationships are not automatic love producing machines.

There is a law that governs human lives that was put forth by Aristotle in about 350 B.C., it is called the PRINCIPLE OF CAUSALITY. It states that cause precedes effect. In other words, for every effect you experience, it’s a result of an equal cause. Everything happens for a reason!

For every effect in our lives, there is a particular cause or causes. In the coming year, quit naivety and take charge of life. If there is an effect in your life that you want more of, like more career success, happy love affair, better relationship with God, you can simply trace it back to the cause, and by repeating the cause, you enjoy more of the effects.

 The same method equally applies to the opposite: you want to get rid of an unwanted effect in your life in 2016, Abusive relationships, overweight, low self-esteem, low sales, low everything? Simply trace the effect back to its causes and by changing the cause, your effect will equally change. Dazzol!

Anything that is working was worked on. Work on your life, you’ve got only one!