Mr Preacher

Speaking vehemently against evil
And even more aggresively against the devil
Preaching for virtues you do not possess
And against vices you have in excess
Mr Preacher,pls have some faith
Coz from where I see,you have been flirting with the truth

Preaching values on the altar
Which on temptation’s arrival,you can’t mutter
The souls of others your words aid
But your very own soul is in a slow fade
Into eternal condemnation
Unconsciously,you tread the path of guaranteed destruction

Mr Preacher,please exercise some temperance
Decide to flee at evil’s appearance
Stand by your “I” and firmly say your “nay”
Else in the end,it won’t pay
The messenger should be in tandem with the message
Else! It would be disposed as roughage

Hey!Mr Preacher,I am talking to you
Funny enough,even Pelumi has no clue
So,I am talking to me too
And that makes us two

So,Mr Preacher,practice what you preach coz what you do screams so loudly that I can hardly hear a word of what you say!

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