Mirror, Mirror on the Wall; The Me power

“The world is following your example of how to treat you”

Lisa Nichols

Have you ever wondered why your natural eyes are designed to see the faces of everyone else but yours? It is probably God’s way of discouraging us from being selfish but if all you see every waking moment is others; their accomplishments, their progress, their happiness, you could get lost in the beauty that you see in them that you might forget to see just how amazing you are too! So, my advice? Form the habit of using a mirror (preferably a full length mirror) more often since that is the only time you get to see yourself. So, stand before a mirror, behold the beauty that you are, and just appreciate you!

You too are special! Accept it, believe it, live like it. Like the opening quote says, “the world is following your example of how to treat you”, so if you treat yourself like trash, do not expect  others to treat you like royalty. They would only follow your example! The intent of this post is not to lure you down the path of narcissism but rather to lead you towards self-appreciation.

Before you celebrate others, celebrate you first; celebrate your victories, celebrate your struggles and how far you have come. Before you forgive others for the wrongs they did to you, forgive you first; for your poor choices and wrong turns. If others are worthy of your commitment, then you are even much more worthy of it! Commit to you; make decisions and stick to them! If you commit to save some money, serve the Lord, build your career, or some lose weight, by all means go through with it. Remember that people will only take you as seriously as you take yourself.

Very importantly, be willing to invest money in yourself especially if you worked to get that money. Attend training sessions, seminars, buy books (and read them).

Loving yourself in every way possible, that is your Me Power and you will see the world will have no choice but to follow your example of treating you!

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