Miracle Workers in Hell!

When the seventy-two returned from the assignment of Jesus, they marveled and rejoiced as they relayed the story to Jesus in the knowledge that the devil and his agents succumbed to them when the name of Jesus was mentioned.

Jesus in the manner of his response was happy but he told them that the occurrence wasn’t a big deal. He was already aware. They ought to have been more excited, according to him, in the fact that they were candidates for the kingdom of heaven.

This is the whole point of the presence of Jesus on earth. To show us the way so that we could inherit his kingdom.

However, there are two things the devil wants in order to distract us from inheriting the kingdom. To subject people on earth and to ensure that people are available to be subjected in hell as well.

I will highlight a bit on things we can do to ensure that we do not miss out on the kingdom even when we are ardent miracle workers

Firstly, to withstand his power on earth, we have to be aware of the power of the name of Jesus against all principalities and powers. We must know that the devil will continually be on the search for his victims and even if you have defeated before, he has the resilience to come back over and over again. Each time, he comes however, use the power of the name of Jesus

Jesus showed his disciples and us that the power against all evil has been vested in all believers and all we need to do to wield the power is to be aware that at the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess. Being able to subject evil forces by the power of Jesus is a characteristic of a believer with faith. In fact, Jesus expects no less.

In this Gospel passage, we can see that while the devil might be more powerful than mere men, he cannot withstand the power of Jesus in any circumstance at all. He is no match for God and God is on our side.

We too must stay away from temptations like money and material things. We can do this by trusting that our good God will give us everything we need when we need it. The seventy-two came back with joy. Not one complained about not having enough to eat or a place to sleep. They were sent out with almost nothing yet they had everything they needed taken care of. Kindly see Luke 22:35

Even Jesus as powerful as he was didn’t own a piece of land, a religious title, a prestigious or minor award or even a company throughout his sojourn on earth. If we own these things now, we cease to own them once we are dead; after all the struggles, it all comes to naught. It doesn’t matter who inherits the fortune. They might be your children, your relatives or your friends but the new ownership is of no consequence to you in any way at this stage.

As much as we pleasure in these things, Jesus is telling us that we never really need more than we need and while we should be intelligent in managing resources, we should be careful not to become fanatical about storing up wealth or jumping from one place of ‘opportunity’ to the other. Pride in possessions material or otherwise will only steer one away from his divine destination.

This principle was also demonstrated with the Israelites who the Lord asked not to store up manna. (Exodus 16, 17-20).
It is also evident in the Lord’s prayer; Give us this day our daily bread.
You get your bread for today and tomorrow, the loving Lord will give you all you need. You can’t possibly take better care of yourself than he can.

Secondly, in order to withstand the power of the devil in hell, we have to be aware of the saving power of the name of Jesus to guide us to a glorious life in heaven.

He has come once and for all to die for our sins. When we falter, he is ready to take us back. Do not let the devil strip you of your God given grace by telling you otherwise.

Jesus has assured us of his unconditional love with the parable of the prodigal son, it appears in Luke 15:11-32. He also demonstrated forgiveness of sins numerous times in his life. He summed it up by forgiving those who crucified him while he was still in intense pains from the fresh wounds. He is evidently willing to forgive us our sins.

Jesus loves us and came to show us the way to the kingdom. He did it all for love, he did it all for us, he did it all for you. Do not let the devil tell you otherwise.
Believe in his saving power and know that each day he looks forward to you inheriting your place in his kingdom.

To conclude, we have seen that our caring God has gifted us with his grace to survive our sojourn on earth. He knows exactly how stubborn the devil is and has given us the strength through the power of the Holy Spirit and the name of his son, Jesus to overcome the devil and his agents each time they come around.

We have also seen that he has all our needs taken care of as long as we are ready to do his will.
So revel in this knowledge but more in the fact your name has been written in the book of heaven.

May God bless and guide you continually in Jesus’ name

Olatunde Akin-Oluyomi

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