Life like a Maze

Just like a maze with its many uncertain twists and unexpected turns, life is a phenomenon that leaves innumerable unanswered questions on the hearts of many.

Some persons never even got answers till their bodies kissed mother earth in death. Uncertain, vain, short, nasty are some of the many adjectives that have been used to describe life. But are these descriptions really accurate?

This mysterious circumstance called life is a gift; a gift that can only be unraveled by giving it your best and living in God’s plan and purposes.
Though it is sad to note, all human beings exist but only a few actually live because most persons have not understood what life entails hence, they just grope around in the world without a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Often time we just wait and let life happen to us. You don’t have to grope about in darkness. If you believe in Jesus, you will have access to light of life.

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”John 8:12(RSV)

William Shakespeare once wrote “The whole world is a stage and all men are actors on the stage”. You do not have to act out the script that life hands you. With Jesus you can decide the course of your life and watch life happen for you.

A dead man is not dead because he is six feet beneath rather a dead man is dead because of the absence of the life-giving power of Jesus. He declares that he is the way the truth and the life. A life lived without Jesus, is a life lived without purpose and meaning. The Bible says,” in Him was life and the light was the light of men.” This implies that you cannot access life until you have accessed Jesus.

You might think you don’t need Jesus to live the kind of life you truly want but my dear that is the biggest deceit of all time because without Jesus, you are a living-dead. You could live as a king on earth or even as the biggest philanthropist the world has ever seen but without Jesus in your heart and life it all counts for nothing because you will end it all in eternal flames and torment.

Don’t be a spectator on the stage of life. Make your presence count here on earth and eternally.
Your life has only one-take you cannot afford to make it a mis-take. Give it all it takes! Make yourself relevant! You will live just once!!!

P.S- Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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