Indecision- a thief of opportunities

Not all thieves hide under the cloak of the night or wield deadly weapons to rob you of valuables. Some are so gentle and subtle to the extent you may not even realize how much they cart away from you. Indecision is one of such thieves.

Life presents you with many exciting choices and opportunities everyday. Choices that could make or mar you,  opportunities that could be the gateway to all you ever prayed and wished for. Yet we sometimes let them slip between our fingers. If you are like I was, then you probably delay taking some vital decisions under the pretext of planning, prayer or preparation when the plain truth is you are just undecided. There is always a healthy pain in choosing especially if all your options look so good but that should not prevent you from making a decision

The sooner you see indecision for what it really is – a thief of opportunities, the better for you. You need a measure of faith, follow your intuitions, take counselling and make a decision!

Decide to stop aiding and abetting mediocrity and confusion – two of the many unfavourable consequences of indecision- in your life.

So, decide to do it! And then do it! Like I always say, you are not necessarily a product of your decisions but a product of your decisions-in-action. If it is worth doing, do it and do it well.

Effective decision-making is an important skill that does not come naturally to everyone. So, if you need help on your decision-making skills, acknowledge it and do not pretend you have it all figured out. If you have children or wards in your care, teach them how to make decisions because decision-making is an integral part of living. Guide them in their decisions, for example when choosing a University or the course to study, make them choose between the blue or red T-shirt and be attentive to know what guides their choices and decisions so that they can become well-rounded adults.





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