In Need or In Love?

“There are some things a lady can receive only from herself” T.D Jakes

Today, it is almost impossible to see a 16 year old who has not been in a romantic relationship. Most young girls rush into relationships and the reasons for that are numerous.

The most prominent reason I have come to discover is neediness. Most ladies do not even love themselves enough hence they become so thirsty for love that they rush into love half- dressed and ill prepared.

Many young ladies get into relationships because they need something – approval,  money, love, appreciation- and not necessarily because they are in love. What we often forget is that your relationship with yourself and love for yourself is a major precursor and determination of your relationship with any other person. If you have not discovered yourself and developed a cordial relationship with yourself, you will make a mess of every relationship you venture into. If you however,  relate well with yourself and have a strong sense of self – worth, you can easily share your life experiences with another person.

If you haven’t learnt to be secure in your own embrace, you will tend to hastily seek the strong and masculine hands of a Prince Charming to cuddle and embrace you.

It is not uncommon to see ladies go into relationships because they suddenly realise their need to be complete and not because they found love.  Little wonder these relationships never last because the reason for their being is fleeting and almost unachievable. No man can complete only Jesus can.

The Bible says “you are complete in Him,  stop searching outwardly for fulfillment that only Jesus can give. If you don’t, you will only become like the Samaritan Woman hopping from one man’s bed to another. Do not enter into a relationship seeking completion. Be a whole single and love will come in its own time because that is the only time it can really be beautiful!

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