Ìfà (Freebies)

“Ení wá fà nwó fò”
-Yoruba Adage (meaning anyone who always looks for free things will eventually end up with nothing)

I am not sure that translation fully grasps what that Yoruba adage intends to say but anyways, ladies let’s gist about freebies. You know how you always like to hitch a free ride after Church services or you tax your friends (especially the guys) to buy you lunch. Well, I don’t blame you sis everyone wants to save some money. The only danger is you might save your money and lose something more valuable. So, I have a better way- Dear, if you can’t afford it, then forget it and if you really want it, then pay for it.

The question is “is anything really free?” Waffi people have said it all “osho free dey run belle”. The truth dear sister is that NOTHING GOES FOR NOTHING. Even Salvation came with a  price- the blood of Jesus. So, babe, if you think you need that hand bag, don’t go about shopping for a sponsor, just pay for it. And if you cannot afford it, then make do with the bags you have.

There are many things that can go wrong if you always take the way that costs you nothing. So, stop wearing out your friends or making anyone that shows the slightest interest in you to pay for your indulgences especially if you know that you can in no wise marry him. Pity the poor guy and let him save his money and resources for the woman who does not only care for the freebies.

Let God use you Sister, if not, you will end up being used yourself because in the end, nobody wants to be tagged the “mugu”!

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