I Am a Paedophile by Aduku Toju

Starting with my research on this very topic, I must say, I could not grasp or figure out why such personality exists. However, the truth is it does and frankly speaking….the society frowns seriously at this particular ‘I’. This personality is deeply rooted in psychological instability, one that undergoes great medical care for the ‘I’ to be tackled. And in every 100% findings there is little or no chance of changing such personality.

Cutting to chase, the word Paedophile simply means a person (ADULT) who is sexually attracted to young children (minors). It is well known that such minors have no legal say on their sexual status, resulting such cases into rape, molestation , murder….in extreme cases of high resistance or fear of been exposed by the child victim, amongst other not so pretty consequences. The origin of the word comes from the Greek word “PAIDOPHILOS”, which means ‘loving children’ and its connected to possible awareness to the society at large from the 19th century. From the definition, one can simply state such a person as one whose behaviour deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behaviour.

Alarmingly, the Paedophile personality is increasing far more than the average collective imagination of the society at large. I mean everyone is seemingly a good natured person, I would not in any way imagine my neighbour or the landlord down the street to engage in such practise, sadly it is not written on the forehead of any man. In fact, a Paedophile can stay successful on this act for many years as they come out as very modest people. It’s no wonder the Sunday Mirror (London, England) says that predators keep one step ahead of investigators – A saying from the case study of Paedophiles who groom children, having a one step chance ahead of the police by embracing new technology.

This  psychiatric disorder which allows the predator to be attracted  sexually to prepubescent children, shows that often times the victims range from ages 11yrs down. Although, mostly documented cases reveal men as the predators, however, we must note that women also exhibit the disorder. At the moment, no cure for paedophilia has been developed, but there are therapies that can reduce the incidence of a person committing child sexual abuse. Below are signs and symptoms to watch out for;

It often emerges during puberty and becomes stable over time

It is self discovered and not chosen.

Mental disorder……the act causes harm

It co- occurs with other psychopathologies, such as low self esteem, depression, anxiety and personality problems.

In a non- clinical survey, it is said that 46% of paedophiles reportedly feel the need to commit suicide for reasons related to their sexual interest, 32% planned to carry it out and 13% had already attempted it. From research, cognitive distortions which is used by paedophiles justify their actions with the following reasons

Love for children and mutuality ( redefining their actions )

Exploiting the power imbalance inherent in all adult – child relationships

Children are sexual beings

Uncontrollability of sexual behaviour.

According to Michael Seto, attempts to cure paedophilia in adulthood are unlikely to succeed because its development is from prenatal factors. Fred Berlin, founder of the JOHN HOPKINS SEXUAL DISORDER CLINIC, believes that paedophilia may be no easier to alter than homosexuality or heterosexuality, but that it can be helped to control their behaviour and future research could develop a method of prevention.

In conclusion, it’s a sickness that destroys everyone in its path. I can only advice that we be more watchful and protective of our children irrespective of their sex/gender. If you know anyone that has such an ‘I’, help get medical therapy ASAP and if you are the one, suicide is not the way out nor given in to your urges. SEEK HELP. Till next time, stay safe.



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