God is Not a Serial Killer!

“God is not a serial killer!” I have spoken these words to myself  several times in the last 72hours. Events of the past one month or thereabout, have raised many questions in my mind. to be precise, the death of two persons that I knew personally.
The consolations and comments of friends and well wishers ranged from “God knows best to God permitted it for a reason and We can’t question God”. And I totally agree with them but these statements and many more made me ask myself “so I can sleep and not wake up tomorrow morning if God decides?” If the answer is yes, so what’s the point of life? I asked myself.
In fact, my thoughts and questions graduated to fears. I asked myself, what’s the point of claiming and believing the promises of God about longevity if it can all just be taken away by snap of his finger. The sightest pain or discomfort I felt in my body made me wonder “Ah! God, abi it’s my turn?” I must have really thought very hard about it because two days ago, I woke up with this assurance- God is not a serial killer.
It’s true that God is sovereign and He is the only One capable of giving or taking life but it is also true that He is not an arbitrary dictator  seeking which of the human beings he created to kill next.
So, with renewed knowledge of the sovereignty of God and his powers over life and death, I choose to believe his promises concerning me in His Word  I believe that “With long life will He satisfy me and show me His salvation” (Psalm91:16) because though He is Sovereign, He is also a Promise Keeper!