Fitting into the Shoes of a King!

You will always have questions
To which only God has the perfect solutions
If you keep your eyes and gaze on Him,
He will guide you through life.
When boys gamble, kings trust God.
When you were a kid, you had virtually no
But as they age,kings take up responsibilities;
They are responsible for themselves; to their
parents and siblings.

Forsaking her name to take up your own,
Your queen will look to you for cover.
You cannot possibly be her covering as an
umbrella with holes in it
Love her like the queen that she is

Your little boy, who will call you “Daddy”, will look
to you for direction
If you are a double minded man,
You won’t be of much help to him
Kings are priests to their families.
Choices were once between “Barney” and “Tom and Jerry”
But now, choices are between life and death

Life never gets easier
You may not have had a good role model
But even that will not justify a bad legacy

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