Etiquette for Teenagers: Taking “Etiquesteps” to a Successful Adulthood

The importance of etiquette consciousness for teenagers cannot be undermined. This is not unconnected with the fact that many benefits are derived from living an etiquette conscious life as a teenager and these benefits far outweigh the efforts put into the process.

Teenage years are the transition from childhood to adulthood and a solid foundation in good manners and proper etiquette is key when it comes to developing strong social skills. Hence, the teens need to understand the importance of appropriate behavior as it can directly contribute to success in young adulthood and beyond.
It might seem like you have a whole lot of time to prepare for adulthood, it will sneak up on you faster than you think so the earlier you start taking ‘etique’ steps, the better. Here are some tips on how to adopt an etiquette driven approach to life during your teenage years.

Put your Best Foot Forward on Social Media
Now that your priorities have begun to change, it is important to remove pictures that may send wrong signals to your future professors, mentors, coaches or internship directors to see. Pictures with inappropriate dressing, inappropriate filters, inappropriate captions and wrong use of language must be avoided in order to ensure your image is well protected on social media.
Remember to present your vision, ideas and goals strategically on social media. Use your profile information and introduction pane to your best advantage.

Appreciate your support system
Always send “Thank You” notes and messages when someone does you a favor. Make efforts to acknowledge and appreciate friends, colleagues, parents and family members who cater to your needs consistently with a personalized note. This is a very courteous way to sustain your support system .Don’t take their favors for granted as many teenagers tend to burn their bridges during their teenage years because of the exuberance and negative influence that are associated with being a teenager. Keep your connections close.

Get in the Habit of Making Your Bed
Empirical research suggests if you take the time to make your bed at the beginning of the day, your first daily task is completed, encouraging you to achieve another and another. It is also a way of making sure that you take on chores to assist others.

Earn with Grace
It is important to keep your passion and abilities strong enough to enable you earn decent money as a teenager. Make efforts to learn choose a vocation you are passionate about and hone your skills in the vocation. Show responsibility by taking on a summer job or earn money from your acquired skill to save money. Always remember that survival has its own etiquette and be sure to earn with grace in order to make a good impression. This will help you earn more money.

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Get Etiquette Training
It is important to buy books on etiquette or take an etiquette/leadership class to develop your confidence while honing your social skills. From academics to business, you must always be open to learning new ways to relate appropriately with people. You need to learn basic etiquette such as:
Saying “please”, “excuse me” and “thank you” when necessary.
 Making eye contact in conversations.
Shaking hands when greeting someone new.
Using proper table manners when eating.
Refraining  from answering calls, texting and using social media when talking to people face-to-face
Using appropriate language and answer questions when asked.

Get an ‘Etique’ Support System
Research and find etiquette coaches and instructors you can learn from. Read about them, download and study their resources on etiquette which are available on the internet. You can have different mentors for different aspects of your life so get an etiquette mentor.

Always remember that social skills ensure and sustain success; so put your best foot forward and start taking ‘etique’ steps today

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