Etiquette Nays for Success Driven People

There is no gainsaying that many individuals with the intention to succeed struggle to progress if they speak, act or come across the wrong way to those they interact with daily. Here are five common etiquette errors people make and how to avoid these errors.
1. Altering your Good Habits to Adapt to Those around You
Many individuals misunderstand success indicators and try to alter their personal identity and good habits in a bid to fit into the image of success being painted by their vain peers, social media and crowd enticing celebrities. Hence, they alter their good attitude in order to afford and use these success indicators such as expensive phones, closets full of clothes, unnecessary and extravagant gadgets, fashion accessories et cetera. Although it is a good skill to be able to adapt to varying environments but it is important to use your discretion, understand your reality and act in line with these.
2. Letting Your Guard Down
Do not let your etiquette guard down. Always exhibit a mature, well-mannered version of yourself everywhere you go despite your circumstances and try to avoid careless lapses. A single misplaced comment, joke or light-hearted jibe may not only cause a stir among friends but also incur serious consequences for you in future.
3. Getting Involved in Gossip
Being social animals, we form important relationships with our peers. Personal conversation with friends and learning colleagues is expected and encouraged, but it’s critical not to cross the line. Never allow idle chatting and gossiping take most of your quality time. It is better to make statements and initiate value based conversations at all times.
4. Being Mannerless on Social Media
Virtual experience and perceived anonymity on social media gives many people the impression that they can make incredibly rude comments to other social media users (young and old). News flash, your social media pages and handles are your reflections. In recent times, decisions and judgements are made about you based on the degree to which you are etiquette savvy on social media.

5. Using the Wrong Body Language
The way you move has a significant impact on how you are perceived by others. Your demeanor sends a message which your observers may not be consciously aware of, but they can interpret in the long run. They know instinctively when you’re angry, happy, relaxed or stressed out.

For instance, the underlying interpretation for stomping, slouching, or crossing your arms tightly is lack of emotional control. Use the appropriate body language and be consistent about is important to avoid these errors to be more gracious and achieve sound success in life.
Thank you so much for your attention and have a pleasant day!

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