It is just a few hours till we say our goodbyes to the year 2017. For you, it might have been  great year and possibly it was not. Whatever the case is for you, I encourage you to choose better. There have been quite a number of  messages or posts on the Social Media on how to accomplish feats in 2018. Though some of these messages and posts are well-meaning and in fact they can help you make the 12 months in 2018 worthwhile if applied, it is however important to note that these  messages were the same ones shared with you just before the start of 2017. The implication of this is that the messages are not specific to 2018 and they may be of little or no help if you don’t choose to first of all, do better in the coming year.

So, how can you take conscious steps towards doing better in 2018?

Take an Inventory of 2017

It is a wise thing to take a stock of your life in 2017; what were your achievements, in what areas did you fall below expectation? Give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements  and for areas where you didn’t do half as you wanted to, decide to do better and most especially, make a plan to do better. The benefits of taking such an inventory are immense. The most important being that it helps you acknowledge how far you have come and also helps you to identify negative habits and attitude that possibly prevented you from achieving your goals in 2017.

Have written goals for 2018

Everyone who truly practices the art of penning down their dreams and goals will tell you that the first step to achieving any goal is really writing it down.Writing down your goals makes your goals real or come alive to you; it gives your dreams a sense of urgency that it would not have if it was unwritten. So, go ahead, write down your goals for 2018 and watch them come alive!

Have a productive 2018!

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