20th November 2015

Take Us Too

I looked around perplexed. It was scary and unbelievable at the same time. Where had they all gone? The vigil had ended a little past three in the morning and each of us found semi comfortable spots to lay our […]
16th November 2015

The Thorny Rose

“You are also a lie?!” Ada screamed in desperation at the receiver on the other end of the phone. Tears trickling uncontrollably down her face, she disconnected the call. Amidst sobs, she bent over to straighten her gown which had […]
26th September 2015


  The people of Ilogbo now hated me,it was an undisputable fact because I had caused their soon to be king to serve an undeserved term in the evil forest.I definitely could not wait in their midst for Olu’s return. […]
26th September 2015


My name is Ewapipe (meaning complete beauty) but there was nothing complete or beautiful about me as I sat in the village square of Ilogbo, drenched in my own blood from sores all over my body and watched Olu being […]