23rd January 2018

Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge

‘While everybody is taking life I’m going to be saving it. And that’s going to be my way to serve’ Desmond Doss Hacksaw Ridge is a movie that challenges your world view and makes you understand the truly important things […]
25th September 2017

3 Valuable Lessons from the Shack

Based on the 2007 novel of the same title by William P. Young, the Shack is a movie that challenges conventional Christian stereotypes.  I saw an amazing review of the movie by a friend on a social media site and […]
12th May 2017

Valuable Leadership Lessons from Invictus

The first time I saw the movie Invictus was during the second week of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa; a five weeks leadership training program and I was so inspired to become an extraordinary leader to say the […]
1st May 2017

4 Drops of Inspiration from Hidden Figures

The movie hidden figures is an ultimate proof of the fact that genius has no race and strength has no gender. The non-fiction movie is based on the experiences of  three African-American female mathematicians who worked at the National Aeronautics and […]
20th April 2017

Lessons from the Queen of Katwe

It is a refreshing thing to see that this movie is not based on characters who are dead or long gone but those who are living inspirations. The actors, Madina Malwanga, David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o, really brought to life the […]
13th October 2016

Nathaniel Bassey Releases New Album

On the 3rd of October 2016, Nathaniel Bassey, whose Spirit inspired songs have become constant items on the praise and worship line up of innumerable Churches, released a new album titled “This God is too Good” The album contains a […]
28th March 2016

I Might Just Hit The Studios Next o!

I might just hit the studios next o inspired by three of my wonderful friends who just dropped their singles- amazing songs, I tell you. First up is Chris Kabash, his single “I Go Follow You” is one song that […]
28th March 2016

Lessons From the WarRoom

I know, I know, it’s been a while. No Excuses!!!   My friends had been telling me about this movie, “The War Room” so, I “sharpsly” ran to YouTube to watch its trailers and trust me since then, I have […]
19th January 2016

RFC drops her new single titled Godfidence!

You remember RFC? Yes, they hosted Ibadan’s first Gospel Rap Concert. The theme song of their concert Godfidence officially dropped yesterday! Are you a lover of good gospel rap or good music? Then you should listen to this one! Click […]
23rd December 2015

RFC in a Gospel Rap Concert!

Gospel Rap is about to be taken to another level. Have you heard about Rappers For Christ? No? Then tighten your seat belt at this Juncture. Its Ibadan First Gospel RAP Concert Organised by Rappers For Christ (RFC), A Rap […]