26th October 2015

Mildred’s Checklist

Hey! Ladies, let’s have a girly chat. It’s almost axiomatic to say every lady has a mental picture of what her “Mr. Right” should look like. Most of us want the Tall, Dark and Handsome hero in Harlequin’s novels. Others […]
15th October 2015

The Screening

The screening of the ministerial nominees to serve in the Cabinet of the President Buhari has been one interesting saga. The social media (especially twitter), the electronic media and the press is buzzing with news and subjective views of the […]
13th October 2015

I Am a Paedophile by Aduku Toju

Starting with my research on this very topic, I must say, I could not grasp or figure out why such personality exists. However, the truth is it does and frankly speaking….the society frowns seriously at this particular ‘I’. This personality […]
12th October 2015

White or Black?

I have noticed this trend for a while now and I have been gravely uncomfortable with it. In fact, I have never ceased to wonder how we got to this point; this point where white or black has been replaced […]
9th October 2015

How Old Are You?

After learning how to say your name as a toddler, the next thing you are taught is how to express how old you are. In fact, when interacting with a toddler, your lines are not complete until you ask the […]
8th October 2015

The Volunteering Spirit

Life is beautiful but only the selfless few discover its beauty. Everyone wants something from life but very few have anything to give in return. We all get so wrapped up in the pursuit to get our own desires met, […]
3rd October 2015

Fitting into the Shoes of a King!

You will always have questions To which only God has the perfect solutions If you keep your eyes and gaze on Him, He will guide you through life. When boys gamble, kings trust God. When you were a kid, you […]
13th September 2015

Sleeping Beauty

As a little girl, the story of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming used to be my favourite bed time story. I always fantasized about how my own knight in shining armor would come out of the blues, fighting through […]
11th September 2015


I recall episodes of fights and quarrels in primary school days that usually degenerated into fierce exchange of words. When I think of the gravity of the words we used against each other back then, I can’t help but feel […]