28th March 2016

I Might Just Hit The Studios Next o!

I might just hit the studios next o inspired by three of my wonderful friends who just dropped their singles- amazing songs, I tell you. First up is Chris Kabash, his single “I Go Follow You” is one song that […]
28th March 2016

Lessons From the WarRoom

I know, I know, it’s been a while. No Excuses!!!   My friends had been telling me about this movie, “The War Room” so, I “sharpsly” ran to YouTube to watch its trailers and trust me since then, I have […]
5th February 2016

The Mother Who Ate Her Son!

This is one of those things that makes one go “Haba! Na wa o!” because you know it’s almost unthinkable. How can a mother kill her own son to eat? But it happened! When I read the story of this […]
28th January 2016

You are Your Own Responsibility

I totally agree that it has been a while. No excuse is valid enough for staying away from this space. Thanks for visiting La Verité again. I sincerely appreciate it. As Fide sat hopelessly on the recliner at the verandah […]
10th January 2016

The Road Map to Successful Change by Pastor Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, is one man of God that has remained continuously interested and passionate about the Nigerian political situation. For this stance, he has been perceived as different things but the man of […]
21st December 2015

No Deposits? No Withdrawals!

I was inside a bank, when a woman walked in and started ranting. She complained bitterly to the young lady at the customer care desk and later faced me, mumbling some words in Ibo language, as if reporting the bank […]
5th December 2015

The Gospel of Condemnation Part 1

As Brother Kenneth Hagin will say, hardly do we find Christians or denominations walking in the middle of the road when it comes to biblical truth. In my post, The Trend of Teachings on Grace,  I wrote about ministers who […]
19th November 2015

Acres of Diamond

One of the most interesting Americans who lived in the 19th century was a man by the name of Russell Herman Conwell. He was born in 1843 and lived until 1925. He was a lawyer for about fifteen years until […]
13th November 2015

Tithing on Trial: You be the Judge

Some weeks ago, I got into a very interesting discussion with Tide on the issue of tithe payment. In his opinion,  the Church places too much emphasis on tithing as an injunction. His opinion is however not unfounded;  the truth […]
3rd November 2015

The Tanzania Albino Massacre

Just like the twins in Calabar did not even get the chance to commit the crime for which they were being slaughtered, Albinos of Sub-Saharan East Africa have been continuously made to pay the price for the colour of their […]
31st October 2015

Life like a Maze

Just like a maze with its many uncertain twists and unexpected turns, life is a phenomenon that leaves innumerable unanswered questions on the hearts of many. Some persons never even got answers till their bodies kissed mother earth in death. […]
30th October 2015

Zuriel Oduwole, the 13year old political journalist and film maker

Born to a Nigerian father and Mauritian mother, Zuriel Oduwole is an amazing blend of passion, vision, beauty and intelligence. Her accomplishments might make you wish to relive your teenage years. It all started three years ago when Oduwole decided […]