20th March 2017

When Suicide is Appealing…

It was a black Sunday yesterday, 19th March 2017 as the story of a doctor who jumped to his death from the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos Nigeria broke the hearts of many. Questions trailed this unfortunate incident because no […]
17th March 2017

Staying Inspired!

There are some days when you wake up and you really do not feel like getting out of bed. At those times, you seem to have lost all your ‘save the world’ energy and your inspiration for life seems to […]
15th November 2016

Katerah Couture Presents Fashion and Gospel Incorporated (FAGI)

Katerah Couture, a fashion design outfit which creates highly professional Afro-European wears that reflect the uniqueness of the African personality, presents a one of its kind event-Fashion and Gospel Incorporated. On Sunday, 27th November, 2016 at the Dream Centre, Old […]
18th October 2016

Please Don’t Blame Me!

Most times, I wonder what will happen to my many friends who have not believed in Jesus and his sacrifice for them when the Rapture happens or when their eyelids close in death. Some of the many questions that race […]
13th October 2016

God is Not a Serial Killer!

“God is not a serial killer!” I have spoken these words to myself  several times in the last 72hours. Events of the past one month or thereabout, have raised many questions in my mind. to be precise, the death of […]
23rd September 2016

Even Stolen Waters are Sweet!

After tasting of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,  I can imagine Adam and Eve saying to themselves “This God sef, he no want make we enjoy better thing?”. To them, it just would not have made sense […]
22nd September 2016

Ìfà (Freebies)

“Ení wá fà nwó fò” -Yoruba Adage (meaning anyone who always looks for free things will eventually end up with nothing) I am not sure that translation fully grasps what that Yoruba adage intends to say but anyways, ladies let’s […]
14th September 2016

The Doing Power

Every average human being has goals and aspirations be it starting a business, writing a book, further studies, saving towards buying a car, losing weight, joining a volunteer group etc. The truth, however, is very few of those goals are […]
19th May 2016

Why Worry; When You Can Pray?

I once was faced with a really daunting challenge. I spent all my free time complaining and talking about it. I told everyone who cared to listen except God and before I knew it, the problem became big; so big […]
28th March 2016

I Might Just Hit The Studios Next o!

I might just hit the studios next o inspired by three of my wonderful friends who just dropped their singles- amazing songs, I tell you. First up is Chris Kabash, his single “I Go Follow You” is one song that […]
28th March 2016

Lessons From the WarRoom

I know, I know, it’s been a while. No Excuses!!!   My friends had been telling me about this movie, “The War Room” so, I “sharpsly” ran to YouTube to watch its trailers and trust me since then, I have […]
5th February 2016

The Mother Who Ate Her Son!

This is one of those things that makes one go “Haba! Na wa o!” because you know it’s almost unthinkable. How can a mother kill her own son to eat? But it happened! When I read the story of this […]