3rd October 2015

Fitting into the Shoes of a King!

You will always have questions To which only God has the perfect solutions If you keep your eyes and gaze on Him, He will guide you through life. When boys gamble, kings trust God. When you were a kid, you […]
28th September 2015

Mr Preacher

Speaking vehemently against evil And even more aggresively against the devil Preaching for virtues you do not possess And against vices you have in excess Mr Preacher,pls have some faith Coz from where I see,you have been flirting with the […]
28th September 2015

How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here? From the wedding halls to the courtrooms From the altars to the docks From the priest’s solemnization to the judge’s verdict Just how did we get here…? How did we get here? From hearts bubbling […]
26th September 2015


  The people of Ilogbo now hated me,it was an undisputable fact because I had caused their soon to be king to serve an undeserved term in the evil forest.I definitely could not wait in their midst for Olu’s return. […]
26th September 2015


My name is Ewapipe (meaning complete beauty) but there was nothing complete or beautiful about me as I sat in the village square of Ilogbo, drenched in my own blood from sores all over my body and watched Olu being […]
25th September 2015


Worry is useless. Yes! Utterly useless because it changes nothing actually it makes things worse. It robs you of today’s joys and vitality and also makes you unfit to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. So, my dear paddy, don’t you worry!
13th September 2015

The Steward Called Husband

Woman, where is my food?” Ade bellowed from the sitting room as his wife of seven years, Nkechi tried to put dinner together. “Nkay, I work to provide for you and the kids yet prompt preparation of my food is […]
13th September 2015

Sleeping Beauty

As a little girl, the story of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming used to be my favourite bed time story. I always fantasized about how my own knight in shining armor would come out of the blues, fighting through […]
11th September 2015

Till Death Do Us Part

“I surrender myself to you; I vow to love and cherish you with all my possession. I will love in all circumstances; in ill health and good health, in poverty and in plenty till death do us part” So, I […]
11th September 2015


I recall episodes of fights and quarrels in primary school days that usually degenerated into fierce exchange of words. When I think of the gravity of the words we used against each other back then, I can’t help but feel […]
11th September 2015

Ibukun Awosika: A Lady Per Excellence

In the last few days, her name has been all over the pages of newspapers and the news headlines. Even the social media is agog with the exploits of this graceful and beautiful and courageous woman. I remember watching her […]
8th September 2015

Your Age Does not Determine Your Value!

“The quality of your life is not determined by the number of your years but by the value it adds to life” Obisesan Oluwapelumi, Just Before the Sun Sets