Being Mrs Korah

“Who do they think they are?” Korah said amidst the affirming nods of Abiram and Datham. “The Lord can speak through any of us. Are we not all Levites?” he continued. Tamuno heaved a sigh of distress from where she was peeping into the yard  where the men were discussing. With immense trouble in her heart, she continued her cooking. The evening was just like every other evening except for the fact that her husband’s friends came around and she  had to make more  portions of pottage. In her thirty five years of marriage,  Tamuno had grown to love her husband. She however knew he had his excesses, one of which was rebellion against authority.

“Why did Datham and Abiram come here again?” she asked her husband as soon he returned  to the house  after seeing  his  friends off. “And what is  that supposed to mean?” he  retorted  angrily getting on the  defensive. “Can’t I have  my friends  visit  again? This  is my house  not yours remember?” he  said  as  he pushed her aside and made his way to the room. “Don’t  do this against Moses  and Aaron. They  are God’s elect!” she screamed  after him but he  was not listening

As Tamuno slipped   into the  chair, her fears  were  confirmed. Her husband was plotting to challenge Moses and  Aaron. She was not surprised  because he had always been like  that. She remembered how he stood up to the slave masters on several occasions refusing to do the portion of work allocated to him while they were slaves in Egypt. She had somehow  hoped  that  fatherhood will change him but it seemed to make him  even more  defiant. This, however, was no ordinary stunt. It was  against God’s messengers; Aaron  and Moses. She feared for her life and of what will become of her and her children.

She remembered how she  married him in Egypt not necessarily because of love but because he was very industrious and  could provide for  his  family. Now, she dreaded the possible consequences if Korah  pursued his  intention. As she lay beside her husband that night, she said sobbing  “I don’t want to perish; I need you to stop talking about Moses with contempt.” With sleepy eyes, he responded dismissively “I know what I am doing, go to sleep”

However,that morning, as she stood at the tent of her husband with her children tugging at her skirt and her infant crying uncontrollably, she knew her fear had come upon her. All of Israel fled from Korah’s tent like a plague at God’s instruction. While her baby was still crying to be fed, she felt the ground open beneath her and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed her and her entire household. All she felt was utter darkness.

I know how tempting it can be to settle with someone who is “sorta kinda right but sorta kinda wrong” hoping that he would change but it is dangerous territory. Just like Korah’s wife, you would be putting your life and that of your children in peril. Your children cannot choose who their Father will be, they are depending on you to make the right choice. You should only get married if the intended marriage promises better. Be patient, God still has many sons who can love you the way He intended. If God is your Father, you have to make sure he is also your Father-in-law. Choose Carefully!

Story based on Numbers Chapter 16

I found this Spoken Word presentation can be really encouraging – Janette Ikz’s “I will wait for you”

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  1. Hmm. True words sister mi o. Most people go into marriage thinking they will change the person and end up being engulfed by the bad decisions the partner makes in the marriage. May God help us

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