Everybody na thief, na whom them catch be ‘barawo'( Hausa word for thief). The connotation of the above, though a bit playful, it sums the Nigerian corruption situation accurately. The press and social media has been agog with news of Mrs Allison Madueke’s corrupt financial practices but there is an underlining issue that has not been addressed.

The average Nigerian knows that his country has one defect- corruption. So, he automatically keeps up with the flow. Some things as trivial as illegal parking cannot be condoned in most relatively advanced countries but corruption seems to be the unwritten rule in the Nigerian mind. The typical Nigerian mind believes that “anything goes”.

So, Diezani was nabbed and placed on corruption charges. We have talked so much about this woman’s act but many of those pointing accusing fingers at her might have done worse if they were in her stead. The Nigerian-bred mind is full of the chop-make-I-chop mentality.

It’s an undeniable fact that most of our leaders are corrupt. If an audit of the property and possessions of top Nigerian leaders is carried out, I am sure very few will pass the litmus test. The former minister of petroleum is just unfortunate to have been nabbed like this.

I speak with a little anger because most leaders of the younger generation have also been affected with the corruption mentality.
So, this is to encourage the leaders who have not allowed themselves sink with the ship of corruption sailing across the Nigerian geo-polity. I salute your integrity

And I urge every Nigerian to make integrity a lifestyle. It’s the only way to have better relationships, healthier bonds and ultimately a better Nigeria


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