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Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The “Unpopular” Winner with the task of uniting a divided Nigeria

Despite the controversy that trailed his candidacy, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared Tinubu the winner of the keenly contested February 25th election. Amidst preparation for his swearing-in on May 29, 2023, the outcome of the election remained a subject of controversy and is being challenged in court by the runners-up – Atiku Abubakar of PDP and Peter Obi of Labour Party.

West Africa is a Country: musings from Bamako

No matter how hard I try, I will never understand why people, especially those who claim the literati status, believe that Africa – an incredibly diverse continent with 54 countries and over 3000 different ethnic groups – is a country. Nonetheless, I believe I would be more forgiving if the ‘one-country’ assumption were extended to …

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Contemporary Nigerian Music and the Failing Society

“Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.” Elena Mannes, Power of Music It was December 2019! I had just arrived Muritala Mohammed Airport and I was looking forward to a nice holiday with the family but first I had to take a quick trip to Osogbo …

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Ayisha Osori’s Love Does Not Win Elections: Elections in Nigeria for Dummies

Ayisha Osori’s detailed, up, close and personal account of her experience while running for the PDP Primary Elections in 2015 as documented in Love Does Not Win Elections is a must read not only for intending politicians but also for everyone seeking to understand the internal workings of the Nigerian electoral process. Little wonder I …

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Everybody has style but a lady with panache expresses her style in a way that one can hardly ignore not necessarily because she adorns herself with the most expensive jewelry or wears the most expensive perfumes, but rather because of the way she comports herself.

Make Him Wait II…

Making him wait does not equate playing hard to get. It does not mean continually saying no to his proposal and then hoping he waits around for you. It does not also mean stalling to give an answer by telling him that you are praying or thinking about it for months or years when in reality, you are just playing hard to get.

Lade Falobi; the award winning teenager using photography for Social Good

I figured out that my photography could do more than just show the world what I see; it could be a way to help others. In accordance with the United Nation’s SDG 17 (Partnership for the goals), I started working with NGOs and small startups that had ideas that could help change the world. I take pictures of them carrying out their projects, so that they could show others, especially those who could give them grants to further aid their projects.