Though, not restricted to the feminine sex, panache is a necessity for every lady. I once saw an interview of Kerry Washington where she had to sneeze rather noisily but the way she comported herself before, during and after the sneeze episode earned her more respect than irritation as the crowd gave her a loud ovation. I mean who gets an ovation for sneezing? Well, someone with panache.
Defined as the quality of possessing distinctive and elegant style, panache is one of the things that easily stands a lady out even in the most crowded places and areas of stiff competition. Everybody has style but a lady with panache expresses her style in a way that one can hardly ignore not necessarily because she adorns herself with the most expensive jewelry or wears the most expensive perfumes, but rather because of the way she comports herself.
This means your style is far beyond what you wear but extends to how you wear what you wear, how you behave in certain situations, the way you walk, talk, sit and interact. You should know that there is no one rule fits all as far panache is concerned but there are some basic things to note if you desire to exude poise and earn respect when you resume your new job, or at the next occasion you have to attend.
No matter the event you are attending; a cocktail, a board meeting, a wedding, a friend’s bridal shower, dates, whatsoever at all, you have to learn the ropes so as not to easily give yourself away as a first timer. Keep the rules you are comfortable with and even when you have to break a rule, do it with panache! There is no such thing as being over respected, so do your best to portray a good image of yourself and also to stand out wherever you find yourself.
It is necessary to know how to wear what you wear. It is also important to learn colour combinations so that you don’t dress up looking like the rainbow. As a lady, it is imperative to learn things like catwalk, and the correct pronunciations of words. On a general note, know what suits you and do just that. So, you think you are not being taken seriously enough? Apply some panache!

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