The Inspiration

Adonai is a song that tells of his goodness and constant presence especially when we go through the deep waters and fiery fires. The chorus of the song which means “Be lifted high Adonai” came to me in English while I was running errands with my mum in late 2015.

At that time I just learnt that I had been selected for the ECOWAS Nnamdi Azikiwe Academic Mobility Scheme; a scholarship that afforded me the opportunity to pursue my Masters Degree in a Francophone country – Senegal.

I left for Senegal in 2016 and soon started speaking French fluently. So, in 2018 when I decided to record the song, I did it in French! I hope this song blesses your heart and uplifts your spirit as it does for me every time I sing it.

The Song

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The Lyrics

Adonai Adonai
Sois élevé (Be lifted high)

Dieu de gloire (Glorious God)
Dieu immense (Immense God)
Tous les anges proclament ta gloire (All angels proclaim your glory)
Et nous t’élevons Adonai (And we lift you high Adonai)
Celui qui m’a aimé (The one that loved me)
Celui qui m’a sauvé (The one that saved me)
Je t’adore Dieu des cieux (I worship the God of heaven)
Et de toute la terre (And of all the earth)


Adonai Adonai
Sois élevé (Be lifted high)

L’orsque j’étais perdu(e) (When I was wandering)
Dans la vallée de l’ombre de la mort (In the valley of the shadow of death)
C’est toi Dieu d’amour qui m’avait sauvé (It is you oh God of love that saved me)
Même dans le feu et dans les eaux (Even in the fires and in the waters)
Tu es là avec moi (You are there with me)

Adonai Adonai
Sois élevé (Be lifted high)

I have always loved singing since as far as back as I can remember and releasing this Single is a dream come true. A dream come true not just for me but also for my brother, Olawumi who was always my one-man orchestra while growing up. 

When I wrote songs as a child, I always shared them with him and he would always support me by making beats with pans and spoons or with his mouth.😁

I sing for the love of good music, for the love of God and everything good!