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Pelumi Obisesan

About Pelumi Obisesan

Pelumi Obisesan is a social entrepreneur and development practitioner. A 2018 Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, London and 2017 Fellow of  YALI, Regional Leadership Center, West Africa.
She is the Founder of Teens Going for Gold Network and the Lead facilitator of Project Teach a Teen, an annual initiative that freely provides business education, leadership and vocational training to disadvantaged and underserved teenagers across Nigeria. Her work in education is inspired by her belief that poverty affects children the most and education changes everything.
Her passion for development,  education, and peace on the African Continent inspired her to intern with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR), West Africa in 2017 where she was able bring visibility to the plights of refugees in West Africa and design fund raising strategies that contributed to the education of refugees. She is also the Co-Founder (Education and Advocacy) of
SocialGood Lagos,an organization dedicated to exploring the potentials of technology and new media to accelerate the attainment of the SDGs in Nigeria.
She just rounded off her Masters program in International Relations funded by the ECOWAS Nnamdi Azikiwe Mobility Scholarship at Gaston Berger University.


The Pelumi Obisesan Blog

The Pelumi Obisesan blog is basically an inspiration hub. It is a space that encourages you to take up the responsibility for your life and inspires you to be purposeful about life. On this blog, you will also come in contact with life experiences that have significantly impacted the course of my life. You can also shop for your movies on my movie gist section where I give lessons on inspirational movies that I have seen. I love love so, you will also come across pieces that talk about love and relationships.

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