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Pelumi Obisesan

About Pelumi Obisesan

Pelumi Obisesan is the Founder of Teens Going for Gold Network and convener of Project Inspire and Editor-in-Chief of the TeenAchiever bulletin. She inspires, educates and empowers young people on their path to self-discovery. Her passion is to see young persons especially teenagers excel in their chosen fields.

Her vision is to see others making their lives work and making everyday of living worth it. Though, she is very inclined towards teenagers, she also works with other groups of people.

I believe in Jesus Christ and that belief is the principal driving force of my life.

The Pelumi Obisesan Blog

The Pelumi Obisesan blog is basically an inspiration hub. It is a space that encourages you to take up the responsibility for your life and inspires you to be purposeful about life. On this blog, you will also come in contact with life experiences that have significantly impacted the course of my life. You can also shop for your movies on my movie gist section where I give lessons on inspirational movies that I have seen. I love love so, you will also come across pieces that talk about love and relationships.

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