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26th December 2018
Make Him Wait II…
2nd January 2019

Make Him Wait…


“When his Pontiac’s is in the driveway and his eyes are midnight blue, take a deep breath do the opposite of what you want to do, make him wait – by the phone, at the door to meet your dad…You can’t get it back when you give yourself away. Yeah! A boy is gonna run but a real man is going to stay”

I recently listened to a song by Abby Anderson with the title “Make Him Wait”. The 3 minutes, 24 seconds long song (link below) shares so much relationship truth that it can be easily tagged “Relationship Advice for Ladies.” I loved it so much that I sent it to most of my girl friends. Before now, I used to think that books and other materials that talked about such themes were about playing games but now I realize it is less about playing games and more about protecting your heart. Please note that this article is not about the need to make him wait for sex because that should only to be done in the confines of marriage. It rather refers to your love and attention; you probably have so much to shower on anyone you decide to love. Making him wait will help make sure that you are showering all that love on someone who respects your heart and who cares about you the same way you care about him.

So, making him wait, far more than being one of the tricks of the relationship game book, is a way to protect your heart from potential hurt. Do not give too much of your attention, your time and your care to someone else too soon. Let them first realize how valuable your time is and how important your love is before you give. That way, when you call, he will not ignore without a valid reason and when you give him your attention, he will value it. If the words of Tyrion Lannister, the witty dwarf in Game of Thrones, are anything to go by, “a man never craves for what he already has”. So, make him wait.

Accepting a relationship is not one of those things you do by cutting to the chase. No! You deserve to be chased and if he is not willing to chase you and wait for you, then, he is not the man you have been waiting for. Even a friend who wants to date you should not be given a free pass…make him wait. Friendships and relationships, though not mutually exclusive are two different worlds. If you want to be treated as the princess that you are in a relationship, make him wait. If you do not want to find yourself reading books titled ‘Five Ways to Know He is Into You” or listening to a “How to Keep Your Man” podcast five months into the relationship, make him wait. Make him wait because you are worth it!
Make Him Wait – Abby Anderson
Pelumi Obisesan
Pelumi Obisesan
Pelumi Obisesan is the Founder of Teens Going for Gold Network, convener of Project Inspire and Editor-in-Chief of the TeenAchiever bulletin. I inspire, educate and empower young people on their path to self-discovery.


  1. Temiloluwa Owolabi says:

    This is very apt. A must read for everyone. Good work ma’am. God bless you

  2. Obuego ezie says:

    Nice piece… Ladies must get busy with other issues of life rather than chasing men. Not withstanding, the wait shouldn’t be frustrating for him. Relationship should be seen as a mutual return not a favour to one…..kudos

    • Hi MaryJane. I agree with you ladies should rather chase their dreams and not men and yes! The wait should definitely not be frustrating. I might even need to write a sequel to further explain what the wait exactly entails. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  3. Adebanke says:

    Thank you for this lovely piece Pelumi. I also think it’s easier to make a man wait when the lady is busy with living her life. A man should not be the only source of your emotional support. Commit yourself to your passion, your friends, a hobby etc. God bless.

  4. Feyikemi says:

    I really enjoyed the read…..I usually encourage this as well. My question is how long should a man wait for?

    • Hello Feyikemi! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. The length of time a man waits for is determined by many things. The most important being the progression of the relationship. As you will also find out in the sequel to this article, making him wait does not equate playing hard to get. It rather implies having emotional boundaries and not giving too much, too soon.

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