Teens Going for Gold Network Set to Embark on #TeachA Teen 2.0

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Teens Going for Gold Network Set to Embark on #TeachA Teen 2.0

Teens Going for Gold Network, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering and inspiring teenagers, is set to embark on the second  edition of her Teach a Teen program. The program whose primary objectives are to increase the quality of education and reduce poverty and unemployment rates in Nigeria, has two major components – the campaign and the training sessions.

The #TeachATeen campaign advocates for an educational curriculum and system that meets up with the needs, challenges and changes of the 21st century and a training while the training component focuses on freely providing opportunities that increase the entrepreneurial, vocational and leadership aptitudes of students in rural secondary schools.

In 2017, the program which had 147 beneficiaries in three cities was held in partnership with participants of the Young African Leaders Initiative RLC West Africa. To learn more about last year’s program click here .

This year, the campaign will hold throughout the month of June while the training session will follow in the month of July. The training takes place in the Nigerian cities of Benin, Lagos and Ibadan. You can be a part of this program by joining the online campaign, volunteering for the training in secondary schools and partnering with us financially.

For further enquiries, kindly send a mail to teenachiever@pelumiobisesan.com.

Pelumi Obisesan
Pelumi Obisesan
Pelumi Obisesan is the Founder of Teens Going for Gold Network, convener of Project Inspire and Editor-in-Chief of the TeenAchiever bulletin. I inspire, educate and empower young people on their path to self-discovery.

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