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The decisions you make in the early hours of the morning when you wake up, get dressed and walk out the door set the tone for the day. People will either view you as an etiquette inclined or a carefree person by virtue of these decisions. When you step through the door with confidence laced with decorum, you are well on your way to making a powerful impression. These etiquette tips which I refer to as the 5Ps of an “Etique” image will also boost your image and people’s perception of you always.

Start your day on a good note by getting to work, school or your business place early and give yourself ample time to settle in without starting your day off on an emergency note. A few quiet, calm moments will set a precedent for the rest of your day. Relax and enjoy the time as your peers race into the office or class, visibly flustered from morning traffic.

You don’t want to start your day like this

It’s better to be ready for anything instead of flying back to your desk to rifle through drawers searching for a crucial document; or worse, finding yourself caught off-guard at a client’s office. Being organized will always leave a strong impression on your client or boss.

Always believe in the fact that success is possible by feeling confident in your abilities, or feeling happy to do tasks. You should also do your best not to be a prophet of doom in the face of seemingly impossible tasks.

No matter how hard you work to get along with colleagues, things will undoubtedly go awry. Handle disagreements discreetly and directly. If you have a misunderstanding, take it to the source or handle it privately with a supervisor. Leave emotions out of the conversation, stating the facts calmly. Don’t vent across your space to anyone who will listen. It ruins your credibility, adds to the workplace gossip mill and makes you appear unprincipled. Do not let familiarity with your colleagues cause you to forget your manners or let your language slip. “Please,” “excuse me,” and “thank you” are small courtesies which never fail to influence.
Speak to your colleagues as you would your best client and never use profanity. It’s offensive, crass and tacky. You may not realize it, but people do notice when your language becomes R-rated. They also notice when you share too much personal information about your life even though they may be too polite to call you out.

Ensure your outfit and accessories are clean and well-maintained. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing, but your outfits should be coordinated, well-kept and in line with the office policy. Don’t take the lead from the most relaxed dresser in the company and don’t believe in the theory of dressing down on Fridays. The way you present yourself says a great deal about your self-image.
Ultimately, remember that your image is an asset which hinges on public perception to a large extent hence, you need to guard your etiquette inclined image jealously.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Oluwatobiloba Akerele
Oluwatobiloba Akerele
Oluwatobiloba AKERELE (gnipr) is a certified etiquette and Public Relations expert. She advocates the need for individuals to horn their etiquette skills and gain the confidence needed to exude a polished image and achieve sound success. She established Reverenceplus Etiquette Firm out of the belief that the panache advantage is essential in the twenty first century. For more tips on etiquette follow her instagram page @reverenceplus_etiquette.

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